Frequently Asked Questions

You can go to the Search tab, type in the city & state, or zip code of your assignment; then, click on Availability from each Interpreter’ profile to see his/her real-time calendar, before booking the Interpreter(s).

Per our policy, clients are required to cancel 48 hours before the interpretation date and time to avoid full charges. When using VLS web tool, you can only receive a refund for the convenience fee, if all 4 confirmed interpreters (both primary and 3 backups) cancelled your assignment within 48 hours. Please contact your confirmed interpreter directly for the terms, if both you and your interpreter have confirmed assignments.

Our team focus solely on Vietnamese - English pair, but we do work closely with professional Spanish, Thai, and Korean Interpreters/Translators.

We accept debit/credit cards, ACH wire transfer, cashier's check, zelle, Paypal, or cash. You can click on the Check Out Paypal buttons in your email.

You can easily search and book any Vietnamese Interpreter(s) by specific city & state, or zip code, expertise, certification, pay rate, and real-time availability. To ensure that your assignment is always covered, you can quickly book up to 3 backup interpreters per assignment. This entire process takes about 5 minutes and you will be contacted by the primary interpreter and/or chosen backup Interpreter(s) within 6 hours from initial request.

Yes, we have been using Zoom for clients in Education, Legal, and Non-Profit industries.

VNLink Solutions LLC is registered as an S corp business in California with a team of full-time Vietnamese Interpreters and Translators located in San Jose and Santa Ana. We are also providing a platform for clients to easily connect to more freelance Vietnamese Interpreters/Translators in other cities of California.

The primary interpreter will have up to 6 hours to respond to this request. After that, your booking request will be sent to your chosen backup(s) immediately, if you have already paid $7 convenience fee via Check Out PayPal in your booking request. Your backup(s) will also have up to 6 hours from receipt of email to accept or reject this request. The same process applies to the 2nd and 3rd backup each will have 4 hours to respond.

We are not California public notaries, but we work with 2 experienced public notary persons to accommodate California courts and U.S. Department of State requirements. They charge a $10 - $15 fee per signature on each translation certificate and will require at least 24-hour advance notice.

Yes, Interpreter(s) can cancel by contacting his/her client directly to avoid a $7 fee per ACCEPTED assignment within 48 hours of the confirmed assignment date and time. As a courtesy to your client and backup colleagues, VLS will have to refund this fee per ACCEPTED booking.

Yes, but VLS offers searching freelance Interpreters by city, state or zip code, checking for real-time availability, pay rate, certification/expertise, and booking primary and backup Interpreters IN A JUST FEW MOUSE CLICKS.

We recommend that you check our availability on the calendar below and plan a specific time & date to drop by our office to pick up/drop off the documents. Please note that I offer convenient drop off/pick up and delivery of documents near the office.

Each of us has a daily average capacity of 3,000 words. With three full-time team members, we have an output of about 9,000 words per day.

Yes. We offer free first-class mail to one U.S. address and will charge a convenience fee to send to multiple addresses. For local clients near our office, we will hand-deliver free of charge upon advance request.

We use Worldserver, Trados, and Matecat on the daily basis, and we occasionally use MemQ and Smartling per clients' request.

Nobody can steal clients because freelance Interpreters and VLS team members are paid members of various professional associations. Any prospective clients can directly contact any freelance Interpreters/Translators listed there. We have created this web tool to connect our clients to any available colleagues in California, so that, colleagues can expand their services beyond PAID professional membership and save on high advertising cost.

With high volume of projects, we try out best to accommodate your request as soon as we can. The average turnaround time for document translation is usually 2 to 3 days, depending on the size of the document/material.

Features Language Service Provider Booking System VLS Search & Book Interpreters
Search for relevant Interpreters near the assignment’s location
Visible real-time availability, pay rate, coverage geographical area, and expertise in one screen
Send booking request to relevant Interpreters, who are located only in the closest proximity
Receive relevant emails or calls from confirmed Interpreter(s) only
Book a backup automatically and instantly, when the confirmed Interpreter(s) cancelled assignment